About Energy Pro Lighting & Electrical

Discover the team behind the services.

Energy Pro Lighting & Electrical was founded by two entrepreneurs who desired to educate organizations about cost effective options to optimize energy usage. Since then, Energy Pro Lighting & Electrical has become the trusted favorite for electrical and lighting service in both residential and commercial markets.

Energy Pro Lighting & Electrical has helped hundreds of organizations and homeowners through planning, designing and implementing innovative solutions for whatever their needs are. Beyond planning and implementation, Energy Pro Lighting & Electrical is also skilled at maintenance and repair of electrical and lighting services that are already in your home or office.

As a member of both HBAL (Home Builders Association of Lincoln) and the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce Energy Pro Lighting & Electrical, proudly serves Nebraska, Minnesota, Iowa, Kansas, South Dakota, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. Our corporate office is located in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Meet Our Team

Garrett Garner

 CEO and Founder

 As CEO and founder, Garrett is dedicated to educating customers about energy efficiency and cost effective energy uses. With his NCQLP lighting certification and eight years of experience, Garrett will help you find your lighting and electrical solution.

Vlad Slobonuk

 Foreman and Master Electrician

As Foreman and Master Electrician, Vlad uses his experience to install, repair and consult on all our client’s lighting and electrical needs.

Lee Payton

 Apprentice Electrician

Lee is a certified NAILD LS I that can address any of your lighting questions. Lee is also qualified as an apprentice electrician to assist in electrical installation and wiring.

Shayne Daughenbaugh

 Operations Manager and CSR

 As  Operations Manager and Customer Service Representative, Shayne’s NAILD lighting certification makes him the perfect guy to handle all of your lighting needs.

Brant George

 Apprentice Electrician

With four years of experience, Brant knows the ins and outs of lighting and electrical installation. You’ll find him assisting at nearly all our projects.

Brennon Garner

Apprentice Electrician

With over 2 years’ experience, Brennon assists on installation and maintenance of most of our lighting and electrical projects.

Brian McBeth

 Foreman and Journeyman Electrician

 As Foreman and Journeyman Electrician, you’ll see Brian at nearly all of our residential projects. His experience and knowledge bring the highest quality of customer service to our clients.

TJ Hansen

 Apprentice Electrician

TJ has been with Energy Pro for six years and beyond knowing almost our entire client base. He can address any of your lighting and electrical needs.

Josh Saddler

Apprentice Electrician

Josh has a hand in installation and maintenance of our lighting and electrical systems both commercial and residential.